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High quality ingredients for foods
We create the harmony of taste and aesthetics of food products, using the latest developments in the field of raw materials and ingredients ...
We are building the right partnerships to provide you with high quality products at the most competitive price ...
We strive to provide the best service for our partners in compliance with the transportation rules, storage conditions and terms ...
You can always count on support. We will help in conducting trial development, optimization of the recipe, as well as in the development of an innovative product ...
AZANTA COMPANY has been operating in the food market for more than 10 years now offering the best to its customers ranging from dairies to breweries and candy manufacturers. We have established sound and mutually beneficial connections with companies from all over the North Caucasus and South Russia, as well as beyond.

The principle we will inevitably observe when working with people is offering custom-tailored solutions, following our clients’ unique needs and helping them as early as at the stage of designing a product.

Our top experts join the leading food manufacturers in their marketing research first and only then, as soon as they get a solid grasp of the customer’s true needs, will they set to the task.
Besides, we develop a product supply plan in advance, which helps us have the delivery time as short as possible thus keeping all our ingredients at their best.

We are always in step with the times, learning more and introducing cutting edge technology, manufacturing the best products and shipping orders as soon as possible. We always have what you need in stock.

Should you need any technological support – we are at your service!

We offer all our clients free samples of flavors and additives along with all the instructions and formulas so they can make the best use of what they get from us. Our experts will make all the technological arrangements to assist you with the industrial trials based on our ingredients.
Gulripshsky district, Azanta Dolmen
Author: Tengiz Tarba
We don’t just work, but we work with the best ones!
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