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Food flavoring agents have extremely prominent and stable smell and taste. If used, they will help extend the product life as they substitute for the natural spices, etc.
When used in food manufacturing such flavoring agents allow
- changing certain formula elements;
- making the product have a palatable and stable taste;
- maintaining stable product quality regardless of the raw stuff origin;
- making the production technology easier.
Given our experts’ support, any manufacturer can create a unique signature taste-and-flavor mix for any product.

    Dry mix

  • F-aroma Adjika sauce
  • F-aroma Bacon
  • F-aroma Wasabi
  • F-aroma Ham & cheese
  • F-aroma Porcini mushroom
  • F-aroma Smoked sausage
  • F-aroma Crab
  • F-aroma Salmon roe caviar
  • F-aroma Sour cream & onions
  • F-aroma Pickled cucumbers
  • F-aroma Salami
  • F-aroma Sour cream & herbs
  • F-aroma Cervelat sausage
  • F-aroma Cheese
  • F-aroma Parmesan cheese
  • F-aroma Tomato & greens
  • F-aroma Chicken & horseradish
  • F-aroma Barbecue
  • F-aroma Lobster & fennel
  • F-aroma Mushroom & sour cream
  • F-aroma Fried mushroom
  • F-aroma Smoked salmon
  • F-aroma Shrimp
  • F-aroma Chicken
  • F-aroma Garlic
  • F-aroma Garden herbs
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